Metrolink's History of Alternative Facts: Idling Near Homes

Among the many diesel air pollution issues that we have noticed over the years, is an increase in idling engines north of Metrolink's Central Maintenance Facility (CMF). In a recent email, it was suggested that we had mistaken a locomotive with no engine for one that was idling heavily with blowers roaring. In the past, Metrolink has stated that there cannot be any engines idling here because this area is used for parked locomotives. I guess that depends on how you define parked. If my car is parked, the engine is off, no emissions flowing.

This could all be different, had Metrolink not aligned with freight to fight idling emissions limitations put forward by the SCAQMD in 2005 to protect our communities. Help us #MakeMetrolinkAccountable.

The video below offers an unedited glimpse of daily activity at the CMF, just one example of Metrolink engines idling less than 100 feet from new housing, 400 feet from pre-existing housing...right in the center of where people live.