Many of you know the challenges our east side communities face with diesel pollution from the Metrolink Central Maintenance Facility (CMF). But did you know that a big part of that is diesel trucks coming and going, making deliveries, bringing fuel etc.? This activity is part of what the Los Angeles Times describes as a “diesel death zone”.  Part of the problem is that that big rigs are not subject to comprehensive inspection and maintenance requirements in the same way that we have mandatory Smog Check programs for cars.

SB 210 could change that, and needs our support!

Please call your state senator today (I promise, it will take fewer than 3 minutes) to say we all deserve clean air, and ask for a YES VOTE on SB 210.

(If you’re in State Senate District 24, call Senator Maria Elena Durazo 916-651-4024. If you’re unsure of who your state senator is, find out here and save that contact info to your phone!)

 Send an email to as soon as you’ve called so we can celebrate the sum of our efforts!


Christine & LARCEE

Diesel exhaust fills the air on our freeways